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Defensive driving is part of comprehensive motor vehicle safety training. Most standard driver’s education classes only teach the mechanics and laws of driving, nothing more. Defensive driving classes focus on skills that will help you avoid accidents and injury while maintaining a safe driving record.

Defensive driving schools are not the same as traffic school. There is a huge difference between the two. Traffic school is designed to teach new drivers driving habits that they can keep on top of to avoid getting into problems. Defensive driving schools focus on defensive driving skills and techniques that are taught by experienced, trained professionals. These drivers understand the traffic laws, what situations require taking extra precautions, and maintain a safe driving record best.

One common myth is that traffic school does not erase the drivers’ driving record. This is not true. If you have several traffic violations on your driving record, then insurers will still consider you a risky driver. Insurance companies use a risk score system that calculates your chances of getting into an accident based on past traffic violations and other driving factors. A ticket or violation on your record does not disappear from your driving record; it remains on there until you get rid of it.

Defensive driving classes are designed to teach you the safety tips and practices that will keep you safe from accidents. These courses include crash prevention techniques and how to handle emergencies effectively. These lessons will also teach you how to drive with proper safety equipment. Having the proper safety equipment on your car at all times will reduce the chance of an accident, but some people choose not to purchase this safety equipment, or they forget to use it before they leave their home. A crash prevention technique can be learned through a defensive driving class and applied at home.

Some drivers are not sure that they qualify for insurance discounts for safe driving. To determine if you qualify, you can contact your insurance company and determine what discounts you may be eligible for. Some insurance companies offer discounts for drivers with good driving history, for drivers who have completed a defensive driving course, and for students who have passed an advanced driving safety course. There are also discounts for students who own their own cars, drivers who have no prior speeding tickets or traffic violations, and drivers who have taken a defensive driving class and graduated. All drivers can apply for these discounts, regardless of the insurance company, vehicle type, driving record, or age.

Defensive driving classes help you understand and learn the proper ways to handle certain driving situations like merging out of a traffic intersection, changing lanes, passing a stopped school bus, or staying in the right lane when traffic goes the other way. Learning how to handle these situations properly will help prevent an accident and keep your insurance rates low. Insurance companies love safe drivers and want to reward them with affordable, low-cost premiums. If you’re a safe, courteous driver and take a defensive driving class, you can begin to realize the many benefits that come with a discount on your current auto coverage.

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The course will boost driver’s Defensive Driving skills, visual perception abilities, understanding of Vehicle Limitations, and Driver’s duties to other road users.



The program, through classroom and also in-vehicle sessions outside on the street, provides passengers having an awareness of real and potential risks associated with driving all street types and equip passengers together with the mandatory defensive driving skills and methods to recognize these dangers, understand the defense, and also behave in time.


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