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The concept of defensive driving became popular as it is identified as an functioning way of reducing the risks of road accidents. Drivers who practice Virginia defensive driving know how to anticipate what may happen on the road. They are trained to Answer appropriately if other driver commits a driving mistake that may place many other drivers at risk. There are specific guidelines to be considered to be practiced to practice defensive driving. These tips enable drivers to prevent risky road situations from happening.

defensive driving
defensive driving

According to research performed by the World Health Organization in 2004, more than one million people die annually worldwide because of car accidents. Car crashes or motor vehicle accidents are considered one of the leading public health problems in the world. One of the cause offense prevention techniques that have been widely implemented to habitat this difficulty is the observance of defensive driving.

Defensive Driver Equipment

First, a defensive driver must choose the right equipment. This includes selecting vehicles following colors that could easily be seen on the road, especially at night. Dark or weak vehicle colors should be avoided because these cannot be seen easily once it is already nighttime. Also, the concerned driver should choose a car that has a low middle of mass. There should be a middle differential in choosing four-wheel-drive vehicles, so there are equal forces from front and rear wheels.

open road defensive driving
open road defensive driving

Second, a defensive driver checks some things previously starting to drive. He or she checks if the tire pressure, tread, and overall condition is ideal for driving. The driver along with tests if everything the windows, lenses, and mirrors are clean to monitor several car angles easily. In defensive driving, a driver is also established to check if all the car lights are functioning. If any of the headlights, tail lights, turn signal lights, or brake lights are defective, they should rapidly replace them.

Third, a defensive driver sees to it that he can see, and he can be seen afterward he is already on the road. Vehicle signals from other drivers on the road should not be ignored. Instead, a defensive driver should anticipate what he would accomplish if the other driver makes a mistake. In defensive driving, a driver should likewise preserve a distance subsequent to driving at the rear a large vehicle to ensure that his lineage of sight is not obstructed. When driving, the hands’ ideal position upon the steering wheel is either the 9 and 3 o’clock aim or the 10 and 2 o’clock position. Studies have shown that these allow easy hobby within the desired admission time. Adequate speed should likewise be maintained in defensive driving. Driving too high-speed or too slow raises the risk of accidents.

Finally, a defensive driver assumes the worst from supplementary drivers. He keeps in mind that new drivers may not be as careful as he is and that to prevent accidents, he should not know what to accomplish if the new driver commits a driving mistake. He after that notes people are talking upon cellular phones even if driving because they are maybe to govern into accidents. Likewise, a defensive driver does not tolerate that he has the right of quirk when he is at an intersection.

Ticket Dismissal in Virginia

At some point, people no issue how safe and decent they drive, there are chances that they may breach the traffic rules and get a ticket for that. Getting traffic tickets is not a small issue. If you have violated the traffic regulations and laws in Virginia, it is an offense punishable by the court.

Ticket Dismissal
Ticket Dismissal

If you get a ticket for violating the traffic rules, it becomes mandatory to take up a safety-driving course to meet the consequences. If you are in the course of the individuals who care nearly your safety and get your ticket canceled, you might have to undergo the defensive driving program. At Defensive Driving School, this is precisely what we provide.

You must answer the Virginia defensive driving class, and by presenting the invade documentation to the court, you can dismiss the ticket issued to you. However, you have to know that you must take the defensive driving class from the defensive driving school authorized by the State.

Our defensive driving scholarly is a premier online defensive driving program provider following the latest technology to maintain our participants in an exciting and interacting online class. Our online defensive driving class for ticket dismissal has been qualified to meet any valid or court requirements in the State of.

Online defensive driving class

defensive driving online class
defensive driving online class

Our Virginia defensive driving class is performed categorically online. You will have a convenient and athletic course that you can unmodified without any hassles. Our Virginia defensive driving scholastic will assist you to hasten the process of getting your traffic ticket erased. Considering your busy do something schedule, we have developed a lithe and convenient online defensive driving class that will fit and shape according to your enactment timetable.

Defensive Driving topic outline

  • Traditional safety driving information
  • traffic rules and regulations of Virginia
  • Recognize a driving environment
  • Drivers’ responsibilities on the road
  • Other driving impairment
  • Highway safety tactics
  • Drug and alcohol-impaired
  • Recognize driving emergencies
  • vehicle safety and maintenance

Get your Virginia traffic ticket canceled quick with the endorse of execution we present you right after the class. Meet the court due date upon time. Enroll now to start the online defensive driving class to have a clean Virginia driving record.

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The course will boost driver’s Defensive Driving skills, visual perception abilities, understanding of Vehicle Limitations, and Driver’s duties to other road users.



The program, through classroom and also in-vehicle sessions outside on the street, provides passengers having an awareness of real and potential risks associated with driving all street types and equip passengers together with the mandatory defensive driving skills and methods to recognize these dangers, understand the defense, and also behave in time.


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