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Teen driver safety

Teen driving accidents are accelerating these days. There are frequent stories in the media associated with young drivers dying young. Although several safety measures like seat belts, airbags have been compiled in the car, the number of teen driving accidents has hardly deflated. So it is high time the parents became alert and started taking teen driving safety norms seriously.

As parents, you need to acquaint yourself with some of the teen driving facts. This is the time when teenagers have the first opportunity to experience the thrill of driving. So they try out specific driving experiments, many of which are done to prove themselves superior among their peers. They take unnecessary risks and often end up in crashes.

Consumption of alcohol and drugs has become very common among teenagers these days. This can lead to lethal effects as after consumption of alcohol; driving becomes very dangerous. Even then, the teenagers repeat the same mistake again and again and end up forfeiting their lives.

Many young people lack adequate resources and often drive older cars. These often lack the latest safety equipment like traction control, airbags, ABS, etc. As an end result, they become more susceptible to accidents. Even parents sometimes think it is best to let their children use older cars unless they become experts at handling cars. They forget that these cars often have worn brakes, bald tires, tired shocks, etc. Apart from this, many young people opt for small pickups and economy boxes that lack safety features.

Most of the young drivers also turn a blind eye to safety features like seatbelts in the car. It is your obligation as a father or mother to make them accustomed to these things. As a parent, if you make up a routine of using safety belts yourself, you will find that your children will follow suit. They, too, will make it a habit of wearing seatbelts themselves whenever they drive. This can, in turn, prevent many fatal accidents. Even if, for some reason, the car jolts hard or skids off the road, these seat belts can prevent them from serious injuries. So if these teen driving facts are kept in mind, then it is possible to shield your child from lethal accidents. Teen driving safety can only be ensured if parents become equally conscious of this menace and take adequate measures accordingly.

If some safety tips for teen driving are religiously followed, then such accidents can be easily avoided. Always make it a goal not to allow your child to drive the car when they come to you with a license. As a parent, you should spend at least ten hours with him behind the wheel before he ventures out all alone. Restrict your child from driving out at night. Make him responsible so that he/she does not take any undue risks. Even after this, if an accident occurs, make him/her capable of coping under such situations not to panic. If these safety tips for teen driving are kept in mind, you can easily avoid your child from getting into these scrapes.

Teen driver safety should not be taken for granted.