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Safe Driving essential Tips

Safe driving is something that all of us should ensure while driving. With increasing traffic on the streets, ensuring safety while commuting on the road has become tough. The increasing number of vehicles in recent times has made traveling on the road a real threat. And with the growing number of traffic on the streets, ensuring the necessary safety measures while driving on the road has become extremely important rather than the most important. It is essential to follow the required, safe driving tips and safety norms to ensure that no mishaps occur.

Needless to say that with the number of vehicles increasing on the streets, the number of accidents taking place on the roads has also gone up by leaps and bounds. Every minute one or the other road mishaps take place. It is essential to abide by the necessary car driving tips while you drive on the streets. The incidence of accidents has gone up alarmingly in recent times. Even a few years back also, the scenario was not so shocking. Nowadays, an accident occurs on the streets now and then. There are various safety norms that one should abide by while they drive.

Due to the escalating quantity of accidents taking place on the streets, even the government and the media have made the necessary steps to realize the importance of safe driving on the roads. Various advertisements have been made, and boards have been set up on the streets to remind us of the necessary car driving tips. The first and foremost thing to ensure safety while driving is to get your driving license from a reputed and well-known institute. A renowned driving institute will grant you a driving license only when you deserve it. Reputed institutes teach you all the fundamental, safe driving tips to enable you to be a good driver on the streets. Moreover, you will get your driving license only when you are considered a responsible driver.

There are several norms that you should follow while controlling the steering on the road. Make sure never to drive a car while you are drunk. Driving a vehicle after consuming alcohol (DUI) is a punishable offense. If you are going with a group, you should hand over your car’s keys to someone else who is fit to drive. Do not ever attempt to drive on the streets after boozing. Make sure to follow the traffic signals. It is necessary to operate according to the traffic signals on the roads to ensure safety while driving. Keep to your right while you go.

Additional caution should be taken while driving on the streets during winter. There are several safe winter driving tips that one should follow. In case of thick mist or fog, make sure that you switch on your car’s headlight even during the day. Winter driving tips like changing o the unique car lights, which enables you to see through the fog, must be followed to ensure safety. Do remember to abide by the safe winter driving tips to avoid any mishaps on the road. It is a must to follow the winter driving tips if you want to drive safely. To prevent reckless driving, follow all the necessary traffic norms, and ensure safety while driving on the streets.

Safe Driving essential Tips

  • Get Driver-Vehicle Readiness: Safety Belts On, Headlights On.
  • Make smooth, measured starts, and stops.
  • Make Use Of reference points know exactly where your car is positioned.
  • Before pressing on the gas pedal, see that the path is clear.
  • Visualize where the vehicle will be 12 seconds before it arrives there.
  • Become alerted to changes to your LOS-POT (Line-of-sight, path-Of-Travel).
  • When your LOS-POT becomes limited, reduce your speed.
  • Adjust speed and position to keep space to the side.
  • Before moving your vehicle to either side, safety checks your blind spots.
  • When you see a red light, reduce speed to time your arrival into green light.
  • When your foot goes on the brake pedal, check the rearview mirror.
  • Reduce stress by being courteous, rather than competitive, while driving.
  • Keep four seconds of following time from the front vehicle.
  • Drive at steady speeds on the highway: Over-acceleration and frequent braking use more fuel.
  • To avoid conflicts, do not make emotional, Last-Second decisions when driving in heavy traffic.
  • Always use your safety belt, no matter what your physical or emotional condition.
  • When tired or under emotional stress, you need more time to think and act. To gain more time while driving, slow down, and increase your space cushion.