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How to stop Stop Auto Theft in Simple Steps

Stop Auto Theft -Take Some Simple Steps

Keep Your Car At Home

Take back the opportunity for auto theft from the thieves. A few simple, common-sense steps that you can take will make a big difference in keeping your car where you want it.

I would like to touch on a few things that I see in my travels that are just wrong actions on some drivers out there. I will include some links further down that give a complete list of tips and let you know your potential vulnerability.

Wrong Things To Do With Your Car

Top of the list of ‘bad things to do’ is to leave your car running when you hop out if you go more than a few feet away, which invites any ‘bad guy’ around to take your vehicle for a spin.

Your insurance will probably not cover you in that case. And then there’s the inconvenience and potential damage that could result. That is the real cost. To leave your car running for longer than 30 seconds also costs you gas and dirtier air.

Shut off your car, take your keys, and lock up every time you leave your vehicle. This the cheapest insurance you can get.

Here’s a couple of real-life examples of what can happen when you take the opportunity for auto theft available.

This happened several years ago in a town outside of Toronto. A priest was struck down and killed on the sidewalk while out for his morning jog. The vehicle, which struck him, was being led by a young kid.

The kid had stolen the car from the owner’s driveway and taken it for a ‘joy ride.’ The owner had left his car idling to warm up on a cold morning while he went back inside his house.

The second story happened to a cab driver, I knew. It was not one of his sharpest moments. At 5:30 or so on a Sunday morning, he pulled into a donut shop to use the washroom. Yes, he was in a hurry, but that was no excuse to leave his cab unlocked and running.

By the time he came out of the washroom, his cab was gone. It had been stolen by a couple of young guys about 13 or 14. The police did spot the car and gave chase.

They got on the QEW, a divided highway, and totaled the car into the center guardrail after a few kilometers. Insurance refused to cover the vehicle’s loss: significant inconvenience and the end of his cab driving career.

And the owner of the cab had one less taxi in his small fleet.

Some other harmful things to do with your car are short though maybe not so sweet.

It should go without saying that if you lock your car, you roll up the windows.

Along with that tip is another one often given. This may not result in auto theft but can end up being very inconvenient.

Put anything that looks valuable out of sight. Put anything you’re hiding in the trunk at the start of your trip, not when you park the car.

I once had the driver’s side window on my cab broken for about $7 in a change in the coffee cup holder. It happened in a parking lot that was under surveillance, and the kids were caught. I never got my change back, though.

Here are a couple more stories about the inconvenience of having your car stolen that may interest you

Another site of interest I found lists the top 10 most stolen cars for 2003 through 2009. This site will let you know if your vehicle is a high-risk auto.

If your car is on the top ten list, you may want to check out my tips on preventing carjacking.

We may not often consider what statement we are making when we blast the car stereo. Consider that if you park with your stereo blasting, you are letting everyone know you have something worth stealing.

There might be someone watching that will notice. Why draw attention? Listen to your music in(side) your car, with the windows up.

Remember that when you leave your car anywhere, even for a few minutes, you want it to be just another vehicle that does not get anyone to take a second look.

Let’s all stop providing auto theft opportunities out there.

The only exception to having your car noticed should be at a car show. Here your memorable, sparkling ride could be proudly shown off under properly secured conditions.