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Driver Improvement Courses

Driving is not an easy task, and the authorities make sure that a driver is always learning. That is the reason there are many different types of driver improvement courses. These courses are aimed at people who already have a driving license but who must refine their driving skills. There are actually three different sections of people who are advised to take a driver improvement course.

1. The basic driver improvement course is for people who have got driving licenses but have not had hands-on experience of driving for quite a while. If there is a lapse between acquiring the driving license and getting the first car, then such people are strongly suggested to go in for a basic driver improvement course, which will help them to be better adjusted to the climate of driving. In places like Florida, the basic driver improvement course has a different meaning. Here, the course is targeted at people who have been involved in car accidents due to their own fault, especially if someone has had to be hospitalized for that reason or if there is significant property damage.

2. As people grow older, their driving skills may plummet, necessitating undertaking a mature driver improvement course. This course is for people who have crossed a particular age and has significant supplementary benefits as in Florida. Here, the auto insurance rates can be lowered if a person undertakes a mature driver improvement course. Once the course is undertaken, the person will remain liable to the rate deduction for three years.

3. Another form of the driver improvement course is taken for first-time applicants for a driver’s license and have never held such a license in any other state. Such people need to attend a driver improvement class for some period of time. Apart from teaching basic traffic laws, in such a driver improvement class, the budding drivers will also learn about substance abuse.

Driver improvement courses sometimes become mandatory for people to retain their driving licenses, as in the case of people who have been involved in accidents. Then there are other advantages. People who take a driver improvement course after being involved in an accident will be penalized by fewer points on their licenses or even by no points at all. Even the civil fine or the penalty is reduced to 18% when one promises to undertake a driver improvement course.