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11 Safety tips for parking lots and garages

How To Increase Your Safety In Parking Garages And Parking Lots

When using parking garages or parking lots, there are specific steps you can take that decrease the chance of hassles. There are no guarantees, of course. However, these actions will move you toward more excellent safety and fewer hassles.

From my many years on the city streets at night, I will get that result when I act in specific ways expecting a particular outcome (i.e., safety). Though this is a conversation for another time, it is the basis from which these tips came to be.

Perform these acts consistently with the expectation of safety.

Safety tips for parking lots and garages

  1. Park so that you can get out of the spot. You have a much better view of what’s around you when you arrive. That makes backing into the space much safer than trying to back out.
  2. Park next to a wall or curb reduces the chance of getting dinged or scratched by 50%.
  3. Park in the center of your spot to allow maximum space for other parking around you.
  4. Do not leave any items insight inside your vehicle, even if only for a few moments. As I’ve said elsewhere, put things in your trunk before you reach your parking destination. Someone may be watching you park.
  5. If you are parking at night or returning to your vehicle after dark, check out the parking lot lighting. Park in a lit area if possible or somewhere near the collector’s booth.
  6. When returning to your vehicle after dark, take note of other people in the parking garage area. Are they engaged in something, or are do they appear to be waiting for someone or something? Do they look out of place?
  7. If you do not feel safe, leave, and go to a safe place where you can find someone to accompany you, call, and wait for the police.
  8. Have your keys ready in your hand to unlock your car or, in a worst-case scenario, as a defensive weapon. Go for the eyes or a kick in the groin. Then sue immediately for emotional distress and violation of your right to safe passage. Let these creeps know we’re not going to take it anymore.
  9. Well, OK. Maybe that last one’s a little over the top. I think that this is the attitude to hold about anyone who may feel they somehow have some ‘right’ to invade your safe space. There is no such right.
  10. Walk as if you know how to handle yourself. Show no fear. If anyone is watching you, they are looking for a victim.
  11. Present yourself as a self-confident person who knows what you are expecting – safety. Your attitude will have them look elsewhere for an easier mark.

A bonus happens when you are focused on what you’re expecting, which here is safety. Because of your focus, you learn other little tricks that you overlooked or didn’t see when you were not as focused on doing things safely.

A focus on safety also tends to expose those things you do that jeopardize your safety. This allows a choice for protection.

Be aware. Be smart. Safety will be the natural outcome.