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We offer a large selection of online classes services,

We offer a large selection of online classes services, which include:

  • Basic Driver Improvement       
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance
  • Drug Alcohol Traffic Education.
  • Advanced Driver Improvement

We also offer convenient online classes where you can take the whole driver improvement program from your home or office’s comfort.      

We offer new drivers classes, the required substance abuse program, D.A.T.E. ( Drug, Alcohol, and Traffic Education).  Also, we offer State approved B.D.I. (Basic Driver Improvement) Course. 

We can also provide classes for those drivers who wish to lower their insurance rates.

People who were in collisions are required to attend a class we provide called T.C.A.C.  We offer courses for those who have been ordered to participate in a Judicial System class; Court Ordered classes.  We also offer courses for those who have had their license revoked or suspended.  Our A.D.I. class meets your need here.

Defensive Driving Class

Driving on the road can be fun, but it can turn into a nightmare if you accidentally get involved in an accident or violate the traffic rules. Believe us when we say that there are many road causalities every minute of the time, and it keeps on increasing. However, you can save yourself being in these situations. We at Defensive Driving School can tell you how.

The art of Defensive Driving can be a vital asset for you on the road. However, you may not be that aggressive, so why go for the  Defensive Driving class. We agree with you that not all drivers on the road are bold, but they are not defensive either. The fact is not only for those drivers tagged as aggressive by the court. Our Defensive Driving school’s main objective is to promote a safe driving measure to our participants. Moreover, our class is performed at 100% online to have a very convenient and exciting style.

From our Defensive Driving school, you can also get more additional benefits other than driving a safer attitude. We offer a certificate of completion after you finish with the class that will come in use for meeting any court or legal requirements. You can dismiss traffic tickets, remove fines, reduce points, or get discounts on auto insurance rates. In our Defensive Driving school, we provide the necessary and essential information on  Defensive Driving across the State. The State approves all our  Defensive Driving classes.

Our  Defensive Driving online will wipe out the time and place the difficulty you have. With our online  Defensive Driving class, you can have great features like unlimited login and log out. There is also auto bookmarking where your progress will be saved.

Get a host of super quality features from our highly convenient online  Defensive Driving class. It is loaded with advanced technology to assist your Defensive Driving learning. Enroll now and get the level started instantly.

Our Courses

Defensive Driving School offers you a cost and time practical defensive driving online class. The State approves our defensive driving classes for fine removal, point reduction, and ticket dismissal. Moreover, the state of the defensive driving certificate that we offer will also be eligible for getting discounts on the insurance rate from any auto insurance companies.

We offer courses in all stats from Alabama to Wyoming. You can avail of our defensive driving online class anywhere in, as it is 100% online. It is a hassle-free, user-friendly, and simple defensive driving class that will positively affect your driving approach.

We have the  defensive driving classes for:

  • Ticket dismissal
  • Point and Insurance reduction
  • Improving defensive driving skills

We have a flexible defensive driving class that can be structured to fit your schedule. You won’t have any trouble starting, conducting, and completing the online course from our Defensive Driving School.

You can obtain many benefits from our defensive driving schools.

You will be armed with the techniques of defensive driving.

  • Get incentive from your state in reducing the points from your driving license after getting a violation ticket.
  • An additional incentive of getting insurance rate discounts up to 10% for 3 to 5 years
  • Learn the safety, accident-free, and protection driving techniques
  • Sharpen your driving skills in various road and weather condition
  • Learn critical safety subject and emergency actions
  • Dismiss the driving violation charges and avoid fine access
  • Become a safe and responsible driver on the road

The art of defensive driving can come into use at any time you are out on the road. You never know when and where you might need it, but you must know. It will be your biggest asset on the road.

Contact our defensive driving school now and register instantly to start learning Defensive Driving Skills. It will be for your safety only.

students might be referred by:

Court Directed:

Individuals who have been mandated by the court to complete this course to vacate their traffic ticket or reduce fines.   

The court may have “required” you to attend, as is the case for juveniles convicted of their first violation. DMV does not award safe driving points in these mandatory attendance situations unless the judge so orders.  Individuals who are offered the “opportunity” to attend in exchange for probation, dismissal, or a lesser sentence are considered “volunteers” (see below). Anyone with a license who voluntarily completes the program receives five safe driving points. While DMV will only award points once every two years, there is no court-assigned attendance restriction.

DMV Directed:  

Individuals who have received a letter from DMV mandating that they take this course to either reduce points or their license, avoid having their license suspended, or reinstate their license. 

Suppose your license has been suspended or accumulated too many negative driving points. In that case, DMV may want you to be present at classes as a prerequisite for maintaining your license or securing it to be reestablished. Anyone below 20 of age convicted of a driving violation will also be obliged to attend a Driver Improvement class.  Once you complete our program, we will file the necessary forms with DMV to notify them that you have complied. Anyone with a DML who is DMV assigned must take a particular commercial operators class, which we also offer. Make sure that you, in the specific register for the CDL Driver Improvement Program.


 Individuals who take this course voluntarily, for employment reasons, refresher, education, or point reduction.

Anyone with a license may voluntarily complete a clinic to erase 5 negative points from their driving record or earn five positive, safe driving points once every two years. DMV will only award points once every two years, and you can only accumulate a maximum of 5 positive points.  A new driver who starts with 0 points may take the class to earn the +5 points and start the two years again—individuals attending before going to court register as volunteers. One safe driving point is awarded every year that you do not have a violation.


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The course will boost driver’s Defensive Driving skills, visual perception abilities, understanding of Vehicle Limitations, and Driver’s duties to other road users.



The program, through classroom and also in-vehicle sessions outside on the street, provides passengers having an awareness of real and potential risks associated with driving all street types and equip passengers together with the mandatory defensive driving skills and methods to recognize these dangers, understand the defense, and also behave in time.


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